[18+] Nicki Minaj Exposes Breast In Photo [LOOK]

But Nicki Minaj clearly isn’t bothered about protecting her modesty.

She pósed for this amáteur snap that’s ended up on Twitter, featuring the pop star handling her bare bóobs as her fróck slips south.

Sporting huge hairpieces on her bónce, Nicki fires serious eyes at the camera – despite the cómical nature of the intentional wardróbe malfunction.

The former American Idol judge is no stranger to sáuciness, frequently ditching her clothes for ráunchy scenes in pop videos. Far from taking advantage of her, Nicki revealed Lil Wayne – who runs the Young Money label she’s signed to – was a perfect gent.

She said: “He refused to touch me. He’s so respectful.. and then I was like, ‘Wayne, you can touch certain parts!’ But he was acting scared. He was like, ‘Yo Nick, this is my dream, I’mma be the man after this video.’

“He was just acting crazy, but if I didn’t tell him, ‘Yes, you can touch me, do this,’ whatever, like, he refused to touch me. He’s a Southern gentleman, which people don’t realise.”

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