Serves as the Music part of checkVT.com, we help upcoming Artistes in getting heared by the public

                                            What are The Goals of CHECKVT ?
• Enabling young potential stars to showcase their talents and to introduce themselves to the West African and the global public as a way of building their careers.
• Building a great platform for social connectivity to enable people share and connect with family and friends.
• Awareness  and full adverts and publicity For Brands, Products e.tc
• Bringing together Youths from various Campuses together for social connectivity.
• Serving as the voice of this generation…
                                    How Does CHECKVT intend to achieve these goals?
• A well engaged social community enabling members to sign up and own a customized profile to add pictures, videos etc. and interact with other members.
• Regularly Updated news based on (Entertainment, politics, lifestyle, gossips, etc.), articles and Educational Resources.
• Members are allowed to start and reply to discussions, random articles, comics, relationship stories and advice under the forum section.
• Free Music Downloads Portal (Home Based and Foreign)
• Campus groups- enabling students of various universities to join already started campus groups and connect with students in their schools and chance to start a new campus and re-union group
• A campus tab for latest news and happenings around campuses to keep students updated.
- Other means of achieving these goals would be made known in subsequent posts-
                        What Services Does CHECKVT Offer?
• We Offer PR Services for artistes, Organizations and companies who need to get the word out about their brands, Events and services optimizing Social media platforms.
• Full Promotion Package for artistes, getting their song on CHECKVT website homepage and top traffic websites and blogs for downloads, publicity, hype using social media platforms (twitter, Facebook BBM, etc.)
• Brands/Products/Organizations/Cloth line and all kinds of Adverts and Publicity.
• Models Spotlight, Full face-sale for models, promoting models by showcasing them on the models tab of the website and homepage, getting them across other websites, keeping them updated for modeling jobs, Competitions,. Getting chance of interview to propel their modeling career to a greater height.
• Events Publicity, hype using social media platforms and on top entertainment websites and blogs., and Events coverage and spreading pictures on events tab on CHECKVT and Slideshow on the homepage of the website and other websites. we make events an unforgettable experience imprinted in the heart of many; We simply make you and your event "the talk of the century'..
                              Why Would Anyone Subscribe to a website called CHECKVT?
. We recognized the importance of technology in relaying information and becoming popular and we also take advantage of this medium to satisfy the raging ever changing need of people for publicity and information.
We are conscious of the greatness embedded in this generation, we recognize that the feeling of inadequacy sometime challenge this generation but at CHECKVT, we ask you to be yourself and bring what you have to the table..
You have the message; we have the platform--- we make you succeed on your own terms.
Email: bookitk@yahoo.com ; Phone: +2347063935127 ; Pin: 312E87F5 and @tho_valentino on Twitter.

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