"I've not been close to a girl in six months-Iyanya reveals

Wow forget all the waist whining, Iyanya revealed in a recent interview with HiponTv that trust is the major issue he faces because people judge by what they see..
 “If I told you I have not been close to a girl in six months, would you believe me?” It's hard because Everybody believes oh this is Iyanya,he whines his waist, he's a male prostitute.But I mean i'm not complaining.My job is to do good music and thats the biggest challenge that I have"
For marriage, he said that would come at God's time .He also said he has to settle or have a baby before 35 considering he's 27 going on 28"
“I’ll love if I’m 50 and my son is 20 something that way he has a friend in me not just a daddy”.

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