Chris Brown's Rekindled Flames With Rihanna Burn Karrueche Tran Up Inside!

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It doesn't look like RiRi has to worry after all!
Her Navy was up in arms (pun alert!) yesterday after Chris Brown was caught chilling with ex-flame Karrueche Tran!!
Was Breezy back to his bad boy ways already?! Actually… NO!
As it turns out, KT was just moving her shiz out of his house!
One source close to the situation admits:
“All Karrueche is doing is moving her stuff and tying up some loose ends with Chris. That’s all there is to it. Chris has a part of her, yes, but she’s strong enough to move past him and I know she wants to. Chris wasn’t around this weekend to let her get her things, so she did so today.”
Phew! That's a good development for Rihanna!
Well, kind of!
Chris hurt Karrueche pretty badly — we mean emotionally, obviously, and not physically — but it makes us nervous!!
Is Ri getting back together with a chronic Rude Boy!
The source continued:
“It does hurt [Karrueche] a bit to see him and I’m sure no matter what anyone says there are still feelings on both their parts. But anyway, he’s a dog and hopefully this is her last time around his a**.”
Poor girl! We hope Karrueche's broken heart is mended soon!
[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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