Blaze clothiers was est 2010 but kicked up officially in 2011, ILO OLUWAROTIMI is the Ceo of blaze clothiers while bitire folarin is the marketing manager in the Uk, Blaze Clothiers is a clothing line committed to bringing to reality fashion fantasies and dreams, adding an exquisite blend of style and finesse that veer minds to a whole new definition of the word “fashion”.
Currently, at Blaze Clothiers we design and make Blazers (Single Colour, Double Colour, Engraved Initials, Touch of Ankara), Corporate Shirts, Pants, Polo Shirts and T-Shirts, Slips, shoes etc. Blaze clothiers is all about perfection
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Twitter: @BlazeClothiers, @rotimmy_blaze
Rotimmy: 26A9AB34
Perry: 219C8FE4, folarin 20EA040A
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