Reggie & The Next Big Thing Emcees The task for next big thing emcees was Hiplife; the emcees who are so accustomed to hip hop had to go for lessons from no other person the Grandpapa of hip hop and hip life Reggie Rockstone.
Reggie Rockstone released his first debut album Maka Maka in 1998, a fusion of rap and highlife and later became known as Hiplife. Reggie said hip hop is of black origin so the emcees should own hip hop and not be intimidated by that fact most people see it as foreign.

He said one of the challenges he faced when he came out with his hip life album was acceptance and understanding. Ghanaians had gotten used to the highlife rhythm so adapting to the new form of music was very difficult but with time they warmed up to it and now is the fastest growing music in GH.

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