Beyonce join Instagram as BaddieBey

Beyonce is on Instagram.
It’s big news, ok?
It’s why her Tumblr became such an obsession. You would understand if you’re familiar with her Tumblr. Because Beyonce doesn’t f-ck around. When Beyonce does something, it will be better than everyone else, whatever it is. Or, in this case, BaddieBey will be better...
Hey Instagram, it’s me, Bey.
And there it is...
Bey in glasses bigging up her President.
Bey’s handwriting in perfectly proportionate marker on a lined pad pissing off Republicans.
Doesn’t it seem like Beyonce has a pro-quality photo at the ready at every opportunity? And the turnaround time involved in making this happen is quick without compromising her excellent standard?
Like, she must not only have a studio built into their home, I wonder if the photographers and makeup artists and hair people aren’t just on call but are required to LIVE IN, like a nanny or a housekeeper, so that she can have her picture taken, you know, for her Tumblr or her Instagram, whenever she wants, as soon as she wants. Which wouldn’t be impossible for the Beys and the Mimis of the world. I just don’t understand why B’s sh-t always ends up so deluxe and Mimi sh-t always looks like it’s happening in a stairwell.

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