God Is Good- Boy With 13 Fingers and 12 Toes

The four-year-old boy with 25 fingers and toes including double thumbs – but his parents don’t want him to have surgery
Arpan has 13 fingers and 12 toes – he lost another finger when he was two
He suffers from two genetic disorders, that caused extra digits and his double thumbs to fuse.
His parents don’t want him to have surgery due to his local fame.
Children often learn to count to ten using their fingers or toes, but that wouldn’t help one four-year-old boy in India who has 25 digits.
Arpan Saxena from Bhopal, India, suffers from two rare genetic disorders called Polydactyl, a disorder that gives rise to excess digits being formed, and Syndactyly, which leads to fingers and toes being fused together.
Arpan, who has 13 fingers and 12 toes, enjoys celebrity status in Bhopal, with his picture plastered on city walls.

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