HairCare Tips + How To Wash hair Extensions BY #LeoLocks

For the longevity of your new hair extensions, Leo locks suggests some tips to help you care for them. We recommend that you don’t wash your hair extensions while they are on your head, however, if you are comfortable with doing so, this is fine. Washing your extensions while they are off ensures that they are washed properly and thoroughly. The hair is tied to the weft using threads. These threads weakens the more they are washed. The number of times you wash your hair is optional, however, Leo locks recommends that you wash the extensions at LEAST once ever 2 weeks

How to wash your hair extensions

  • To avoid tangles, wash hair with luke-warm water.
  • Roll up the extension at the weft. Hold the extension with your index finger and thumb just beneath the weft
  • Make sure you keep the weft out of water
  • While holding the extensions, use the other hand to shampoo the hair length down to the tips
  • Rinse the hair and pat dry with a towel to remove excess water. Do not rub the hair
  • Apply some conditioner and cover with a plastic bag or shower cap for 15 minutes
  • Rinse the conditioner off
  • You may wash the weft very gently. Do not rub vigorously, this will weaken the weft
  • Air-dry the hair. Do NOT use a blow-dryer. This will cause the hair to be frizzy and puffy.
  • When the hair is dry, apply some Moroccan oil and run your fingers through to make sure there are no tangles. Brush gently.

Products for your hair extensions

  • Conditioning/moisturising shampoo
  • Moroccan oil
  • Moisturising conditioner
  • Paddle brush

General haircare tips

  • Treat your hair extensions very gently like you would your own hair
  • Do not brush vigorously
  • Do not use hair bands or bobbles with metal fastenings
  • Do not use elastic bands
  • Excessive heat usage will damage the hair
  • Excessive dye usage will cause the hair to weaken and dry up. If you wish to dye your hair, we recommend that you visit a professional salon
  • Section the hair and plait before going to bed
  • Avoid using too many products on your hair
  • Use a heat protector before applying heat
  • Only use hair straighteners with ceramic plates

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