Robert Pattinson Wants Your Nude Pictures

I don’t know if this is a real thing, or another example of Robert Pattinson’s confusingly dry British wit, either way, Ladies proceed with caution.

Robert Pattinson has just invited fans to send him nude photos of themselves! Now don’t all do it at once! I don’t think AT&T can handle it!

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey Hollyscoop, what are you talking about? Rob NEVER said that,” you would be wrong.

Rob just did a live Twitter chat with MSN UK and was surprisingly forthcoming with his answers.

At the end of the chat Rob wrote, “Can you please start sending me naked pictures? It’s never happened.”

What? Well where are we supposed to send them? You don’t have a Twitter account Rob! What’s your email? Facebook? ROB WHERE ARE THE FANS SUPPOSED TO SEND THE PHOTOS!?

What? Where am I? I blacked out for a second.

I think Rob was joking, but since he only typed out his answers, we can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or not.

After he send out the tweet, he quickly realized the trouble he might get into and quickly added, “I hope you enjoyed this and please don’t send any pictures if you’re underage!”

Some of the other bizarre answers he gave were, “I want to experience one day as a woman.”

He also revealed that if he could fix any part of his body it would be to “have a harder bottom.”

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