The 15-Yr-Old Student Commits Suicide After Sleeping With Four Football Players!

Two students have been temporarily removed from a high school in Staten Island, New York, for tormenting a 15-year-old girl before she committed suicide by jumping in front a train.

A source with knowledge of the matter said that the pair 'abused and made fun of' Felecia Garcia after rumors started spreading around Tottenville High School that the sophomore had sex with four members of the football team.

‘The dismissed students were not on the school's team. These kids used poor judgment, and they did something they're going to have to live with for the rest of their lives,’ the source told The Advance.

As of Friday, no members of the football team were found to have played a role in taunting the 15-year-old girl, said the source.

‘If it comes out these [players] were bullying this girl and there's presented proof, they'll be removed from the school,’ the source said.

The Staten Island had been branded a 'slut' and humiliated by classmates after a video of her having sex with four football players was posted online for everyone to see.

According to sources at Tottenville High, entered into group sex with the four players last Friday after attending a wild party following her school's win over a local rival.

The tragic freshman ended her life on Wednesday after the video was shared among classmates and the NYPD has now interviewed the four players who have insisted to police that the sex was consensual.

'It was just the bullying that got to her," said Garcia's aunt, Margarita Pabon. 'This is a shocking loss to the family. It's already done. We can't change it.'

Pabon said on Friday she was trying to find 'beautiful clothes' for the 15-year-od girl for her upcoming funeral.

A friend of the teenager said that she was devastated after two 17-year-old classmates began to torment her about the sexual encounter.

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