Karen Igho Desperately Needs A Boyfriend. Read Her Touching Plea

Just take a good look at her pictures and see all the goodies you stand to gain. Come on, guys! Shake body for Karen nah, abeg.

Here is her touching plea for a boyfriend, true love. She says she needs someone to go to the movies with, and her requirements are not even that high.
Seems she was on our blog yesterday o, cos she too is asking how guys that double date do it.
How long can you stay with out sex???
Let's be realistic here.
Does it really matter who calls or text who first. Does it really matter if you had sex the first time you met. What will be will be.
I just want the right guy and am scared of getting hurt cos when I love I love with all my body and soul.

It's so difficult with fame to find a guy dat will love you and trust you. not all women in the industry are loose.
Guys and girls dat have more than one gf\bf, do you really love them all?
I can't double date. one guy is enough for me
 I will die for true love and I will give my all for true love.You don't have to be cool to be my man and you don't have to be rich to rule my world. All I want is your extra time and your kiss.
I wanna go on a date, go to the movies
God will make a way
 Karen is in London right now though, where she will be attending Chris Attoh's birthday party hosted by Kokobar, and also for school.

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