''My Cancer Is Old News, I've Been Totally Healed Since February'' - Vast Bracket

vast bracket cancer blood

Turns out this is an old gist. We all got to hear about the cancer when it was already gone.
Cos, according to Vast, he is totally healed now, since February. He actually laughed, calling the gist - old news. That the cancer was a baby one.

Great news, guys!!

Here's what Vast posted on his Facebook and Instagram pages yesterday. It reads:
I want to say a very big thank u to all..and I want u to know that am totally healed..it was a baby cancer so am lucky..watch out for temperature video today or tomorrow. You see how good I look..God bless u all.
I am strong,healthy,and full of energy.i thank d lord for that and I also thank all my fans for being there...kisses��
hahaha...my dear its an old news..I was healed since February

More pics from Vast after the cut

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