Sister of Nigerian Terrorist who killed a British Soldier (PICTURED)

The sister of the terror suspect accused of hacking a soldier to death smiled yesterday as she was escorted from her home and got into a police car.

Blessing Adebolajo, 32, was led from her property yesterday morning just hours after her brother Michael, 28, was filmed ranting with blood on his hands yards from the body of the murdered soldier in Woolwich.

Blessing was carrying a bag full of clothes as she got into an unmarked police vehicle outside her flat in Romford, Essex, at 8.10am.
It is understood she was not arrested, but police will undoubtedly want to question her about her brother who neighbours said was seen regularly at the house.

A woman purporting to be Adebolajo's sister told the Romford Recorder newspaper yesterday: 'We didn't know he was going to do this'

'He liked to smoke a bit of green (marijuana). We played football, a kick-about on the courts. He was a big lad, not the sort of guy you'd want to cross,' he told the newspaper.

'He used to be a normal bloke. he always had a big smile on his face. he'd say "All right Wellsy, all right boy, what's happening?".'

Police also raided a home in Saxilby, Lincolnshire, yesterday which is believed to belong to the terror suspect's father Anthony, 56.

In a chilling rant captured on camera the other side of the road from where drummer Lee Rigby, 25, lay dead, the suspect named as Adebolajo declared: 'The only reason
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