X-rated Concert - Female Fan Performs Oral sèx On Rapper On Stage (Photo)

A US rap star received an X-rated welcome mid-way through one of his music performances – when a female fan gave him oral sèx.
Rapper Danny Brown was in the middle of a song as he approached the screaming crowds at one of his tour events in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
But in full view of shocked concert-goers one devoted fan yanked down Brown’s pants.
She began to perform a sèx act on the 32-year-old star who astonishingly continued to rap for his audience.
Angry band mate Kitty Pryde, touring with Brown, slammed the girl who performed the quickie sèx act, claiming she assaulted the hip-hop star.
She blasted: “I'm mad that a person thought it was a good idea to perform a sèx act on another person without their consent.
“It's obvious that the reason nobody cares is because a girl did it to a boy.
“Everyone wants the option of blaming it on Danny, because people can't accept the fact that a white girl raped a black dude in front of a bunch of people.”
But the hip-hop artist appeared to find it a little funnier than his band mate when he tweeted fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar.
After Lamar tweeted Brown: “u really just got the head on stage stanny???", Brown replied: “and didn't miss one bar bruh bruh.”
The rapper has since deleted his tweet.
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