Laide Bakare, Another Shame to Nollywood By Ayobami Ladipo

My attention has been drawn to the recent paternity mess brewing in the entertainment industry over Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare’s new born baby boy, and I felt the need to say a word or two. Although Paternity issues and marriage scandals are not new to Yoruba actresses, the recent build up of things-from her messy divorce till present-remains a great shocker.
To fully understand my grouse in this whole matter, it is important to point out that Laide Bakare used to be one of the “supposed” easy going yoruba actress who remained scandal free. She rode to fame and constantly gave her fans much to admire. From her stellar movies to her soft spoken, yet articulate nature, Laide Bakare, seemed to be an actress in a class of her own.
Laide was able to amass great resource from her exploits in the movie industry, some of which the she diverted into diverse business; a vivid example been her sojourn into the music business where she’s now a record label owner.
The thespian who now doubles as the CEO of Simline Records (her record label) has also joined the list of Nollywood acts to shoot a reality TV Show following the footsteps of her counterparts’ Omotola Jalade EKeinde and Jim Iyke. The only episode I managed to watch was so fake, I wondered if the word ‘reality’ in the title was just pun. I can only conclude that Laide was just trying to seek attention and be the first to venture into the reality showbiz among her Yoruba movie colleagues. Let me not over digress, moving on.laides-range
The unholy gist about Laide Bakare started when media homes alleged that the range rover car which she now drives with a customized plate number used to be the same one Bisi Ibidapo-Obe rode some months back before she was thrown out by her ex-hubby who has now pitched his love tent with Laide. It was also alleged that Laide moved into the Lekki home after Bisi Ibidapo-obe was ejected.
The basic similarity between Laide and Bisi now boils down to the fact that both thespians have now become celebrities with paternity issues. Need I remind you about how Otunba Dino Melaye denied Bisi’s baby and till date refused to accept paternity?
Laide with former hubby
Laide with former hubby

Let’s fast forward to present. Just about a month ago, Laide released a press publication telling anyone who cares to read that she’s broken up with her former husband Mr. Okunfulire and in a new relationship with a lagos business man Tunde Oriowo. The union between Laide and Okunfulire while it lasted produced a beautiful daughter named Simisola.
Laide's daughter Simisola
Laide’s daughter Simisola
On the 1st of June, 2013, Laide Bakare delivered her first baby boy in New York, USA at exactly 7:45am. While many congratulated her over her new bundle of joy, little did anyone know that a major shocker was lurking around the corner.
Few days after the delivery, her ex-husband Mr Okunfulire has laid claims to the paternity of the baby boy who Laide claims is for her new husband Mr Tunde Oriowo.laide-n-her-boy
Okunfulire said “I heard that my wife delivered a baby boy barely two months after she made a release that we were divorced, and she’s saying that the baby belongs to one Mr. Tunde Oriowo.
“That’s a lie, wicked lie. I’m the biological father. I have pictures to show that we were always together, but she deliberately kept the pregnancy out of my knowledge.”
He further stated that he is ready to prove his case through a DNA test. Olumide also challenged Laide to submit herself for the DNA test in order to determine the paternity of the new child.
With this recent twist, I couldn’t help but comment on the recent despicable and shameless ways many actresses now potray themselves in Nollywood. The sudden wave of moral decadence including prostitution, husband snatching, etc sweeping through the Yoruba movie industry especially, is nothing short of appalling. One is left to wonder why the younger generation of actresses REFUSE to emulate the success and carriage of the older generation; Joke Silva, Taiwo Ajai Lycett and the likes.
I think its high time people speak up, and condemn the lifestyle of some of these female thespians. Many may say it’s no one’s business, but I beg to differ. Although this write up was triggered by Laide and her relationship drama, one cannot help but notice the wayward lifestyle of some of these women, who are role models to other ladies and even young girls. As public figures, it is their moral responsibility to carry themselves respectfully, and understand the implication of being role models. Celebrities need to realise that fame isn’t just about showing off, appearing larger than life, and being in the news for all the wrong reasons. It comes with a lot of responsibility too.
As for Laide, par-aventure the obvious eventually becomes a confirmed reality, one can’t help but wonder how she will deal with the situation. What morals will she eventually inculcate into her kids? Which child will grow up and be happy that her mother couldn’t determine her father at birth? So many unanswered questions.
While we congratulate her on the delivery and christening of her baby boy “Abolore,” we hope that the ‘Alhaja ti o Common” -as she is fondly called- will address the paternity issue soon and put her fans out of their mystery.
All the best to her.
Story By Ayobami Ladipo .

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