Who Impregnated Kim Kardashian? She Gives Birth 5Weeks Before Her Due Date

Controversial reality TV star, Kim Kardashian apparent gave birth about five weeks earlier than her widely publicized due date and the development is causing more trouble than she could handle all by herself as the press is asking questions. Did Kim lied to Kanye about the pregnancy? Is it for another guy?

Below is how Celeb dirty laundry concluded the pregnancy tale:
Why do I see conspiracies everywhere with this family?? Or I could be wrong. Kim has been under a lot of stress. From divorces, to tabloids to weight to missing baby daddy. Kim has not exactly had it easy these last 8 (or 9) months. But I’m not buying it. Something very 'Kardashian' is going on here. I’m excited for Kim, truly, but I’m just as excited to get to the bottom of this mystery due date!

So what do you think? Was Kim K lying all along?

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