Two Girls Molested and Stripped Completely Naked For Indescent Dressing! (PHOTO)

According to an eyewitness account, two young ladies aged 20 and 25 years, one in a mini-skirt and one in a top that left her entire breast almost exposed, were molested by a large group of men in Cameroon.

A group of men gathered in front of the shop the ladies had entered and waited for them to come out,  immediately they came out the men followed them, sexually molested, stripped one of the girl’s naked and even go to the extent of taking her photos with their cellphones, which one of the photos is the one you are seeing above.

Her friend who tried to assist her was also abused. The girl who wore the mini-skirt was in time rescued by police, who escorted her home, whilst the other was saved by a businessman, and was also accompanied home later.

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