Tonto Dikeh Tells Yvonne Nelson her Vagina Is Wide As A Canal...

It’s either Iyanya has a super good waist, or he is good in bed, or his manhood is super abnormal in size or he’s just a lovely person hence his song ‘Your Waist’ as I wonder how and why she will get these tough ladies to fight each other in public. I know you wondering too. But hey whatever Iyanya did to Yvonne must have broke ‘my-girl’ into pieces. Well she tweeted at Tonto Dikeh something really nasty and as much as we know Tonto she replied with something NASTIER!. Check out the photo below. As we are short of words. Not cool though, these stars should grow up.
This  is freaking highly embarrassing... for people regarded as 'role models' to descend this low... am freaking pissed... it's truly disgusting... i wish someone can see my face while typing this.

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